Bessy Kabamba - Hip Hop

Bessy Kabamba – Hip Hop


Qualified and highly experienced Educator, Facilitator and Coordinator of young people. Utilising Dance medium as a tool for Outreach and vehicle to Steer and Redirect, Mentor and Support students from various backgrounds and histories, including high-risk, asylum and refugee children.

Bessy Kabamba was born in Central America and came to Brisbane, Australia at the age of 8 after escaping the civil war. Her love of music and dance started at a very young age.

Bessy’s dream to make a career out of performing became a reality when she took on her first professional experience with a well known ballroom dance studio when they were seeking a female partner for a guy called Michel Kabamba.

A relationship was formed and soon Michel and Bessy began performing and teaching both hip hop and ballroom. Together they now have two children who have inherited their parents’ passion and talent for dance.

Bessy draws on her strengths and professional successes ranging from humble beginnings with small audiences to international stages with the latest sound equipment. Her dance blurs cultural and disciplinary boundaries, promoting intercultural understanding through artistic excellence.

After years of training as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Bessy realized her dreams of blending Hip Hop, Latin and African to create an outlet for arts education and cultural unity. The result has been a phenomenal success, allowing her to represent the hip hop culture for what it was intended to be: a vehicle to express emotions without violence.

Dedicated, Passionate, with demonstrated ability to easily Transcend Cultural Differences, I am actively pursuing a new leadership role where I have the opportunity to lead and work alongside a team who remain actively involved in assisting and caring for young people.

CHC51708 Diploma of Counselling

Certificate IV in Christian Ministries