Available Classes

We offer classes for all ages groups. 

Entertainment Unlimited was established 30 years ago by Sonya Llora. Sonya is the creative driving force behind EU. A dancer and world class choreographer - Sonya imparts her enthusiasm and love of dance to her students, teachers and every one she meets.

Children from 3 years old through to Advanced students and Adults can come and learn to dance, sing and perform at EUDC. Have your toddler take a junior ballet or tap lesson to have fun and improved their coordination. Take Hip-hop lessons from our experienced teachers and get down to some serious street dance. Our qualified Ballet teachers will guide your child (or you) through RAD and CSTD exams. Jazz and Contemporary dance are fun and expressive (not to mention great for keeping fit!). Want to sing? Join a our Song and Dance class and sing your heart out. You can also take your dance to the next level and include acrobatics - flipping and flying are becoming the norm in many modern dance routines.

Come join Sonya and her experienced team at EUDC - and change the world once dance at a time...