Trying out a Class

Come and watch a class or two, or try them out for free.  Talk to us at the front desk or contact us for your free trial.

Class Fees

Class fees are charged per lesson and from $15 to $15.50 (ex GST) per lesson.  (Trial classes are free.)

The fees are invoiced monthly. The fee per month will vary depending on the number of weeks in the month.

Students enrolled in multiple classes are eligible for discounts.

Invoices are emailed each month.

We accept card payments from all Major credit/debit cards (via our app, web browser, the phone or in person/EFTPOS facilities).


Missed Classes

Although the fees are calculated by the number of classes attended, the fees apply for the entire month and do not change if classes are missed or unattended even on a discount bases.

Cancelled Classes

Classes may be cancelled for various reasons. Whenever possible cancelled classes will be rescheduled for another time. If rescheduling of cancelled classes is not possible then students will have the cancelled classes credited in the following months account.